2021 Track Days w/ Cars 4 Kids

2021 was a great year to get out and drive! We had a few opportunities to get out to our local track, Utah Motorsports Campus, and put our driving skills to the test. Wether it was with an official dealer such as Ferrari or to help a charitable foundation like Cars 4 Kids, we hit the track as often as we could. This year we had the chance to bring some of our favorite cars out including the Porsche GT3RS, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Huracan, and even a Ford Fiesta. No matter what we were driving we had a smile on our faces, and each opportunity we had showed us how we are improving and what we needed to work on. We cant wait for next year as we will begin to host our own WAREHOUSE track days that will offer some amazing opportunities for those who attend. We have a few photos below to document the fun we had out at UMC.

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