Sotheby's WAREHOUSE Inteview

We were lucky enough to grab the attention of Sotheby's Park City location and locked down an interview with one of our Co-Founder Jake! We were super excited to put our names out there and tell everyone about our future plans and programming.

We met the film crew at our main street location and sat down for a short interview explaining what WAREHOUSE is and what we will be offering when we open. After the interview section we got to do what we do best, drive cars. We took the 911 GT3 RS and the 930 911 out for a drive down Park City's main street for some more video. After finishing up the shoot we got the film crew to hop on the racing sim for a few hot laps and show them one of our favorite hobbies. We are always happy to share what we do at WAREHOUSE and hope to spread the news to more people with the help of Sotheby's. You can checkout the finished video here.



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