WAREHOUSE Race School Trip

We recently hosted our first WAREHOUSE signature event! This event focused on the famous Allen Berg Racing School, a program directed by Allen Berg himself, that teaches students proper driving skills. This School was highly suggestive and unique in that the cars used were true formula race cars complete with sequential transmissions and open wheeled fun! We started our trip by flying over to Monterey in a private jet and picking up a quick game of Golf at Pebble Beach! The course lives up to its name in every aspect, from breathtaking views to challenging holes the course was one of a kind. The next day is when the real fun began, Allen Berg Racing School is hosted at the iconic Laguna Seca Raceway, an amazing track that offers a great variety of turns and a legendary amount of elevation change. The school lasted a total of three days where our members learned everything from proper trail braking to mastering heel - toe shifting. Every day challenged the students in a new way that helped improve their lap times and overall knowledge of the sport. After a hard, but fun, day of racing we treated ourselves to great food and even better company. The trip was an absolute blast and we can’t wait to host another WAREHOUSE Signature Event!



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